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My Coaching Story

Experienced. Certified. Supportive.


I am driven by a desire to see people living whole and fulfilled lives. We all want to find our ‘sweet spot’ in life. Fulfilment, success, meaning, destiny or place. Whatever you want to call it.

For the large part of my life I have also been a Pastor which, by its very nature, requires me to counsel and encourage people. Through this I have seen that so many people are stuck in their own mindsets of limitation.  It has been my privilege to work with people and show them that if you can change your thinking then this is the start to personal revolution - your life, your relationships, your career, your beliefs, your ‘inner peace’. 

I have worked with families and couples, helping people to navigate relationship issues, be they parent-child, siblings, spousal or within the extended family dynamic.

I have also seen the need for children to find meaning, purpose and self-esteem in an ever changing world and society. So I set about to address this.  I started running a life skills course in schools for pre-Teens which has and still does have incredible success.  Both staff and parents continue to see dramatic changes in children and the children themselves realise their value and place in society and within family.

As a spin off of this I counsel individually with children (issues such as stress, peer pressure, family trauma, coronavirus impact) and work with families to help restore healthy parent-child and sibling relationships. 


​​I have worked in retail clothing, restaurant management, sales and banking. I left all of that behind in the 1990's and have been a Senior Pastor and Life Coach ever since..  

I have studied Theology, Professional Life Coaching, Councelling techniques and some Psychology. ​​

I am passionate about helping you bring the change you want into your life. 

Let me start this journey with you.

About Me: About Me
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