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How I can help you

Adult Life Coaching

I will help you to understand yourself and others better, be the best YOU that you can, to communicate better and start to see those changes that you feel are out of reach. I have a relaxed approach and coaching style and seek to bring wholistic insights to you. There will be a counselling and therapeutic component to the sessions, always remaining within your comfort-parameters.
I ensure you that I treat all clients with dignity irrespective of race, background, education, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and criminal history and am bound by client confidentiality where required.

Child Life Coaching

I am a sought after life coach for children aged 8-17.  Children today are living with unprecedented stress, anxiety and social pressures. They are also sensitive to family traumas and disruptions. The coronavirus pandemic has also had a dramatic effect on children's psyche. Very often parents are at their wit's end trying to help a troubled child and come to me for help. I have a very good track record of helping children make lasting changes that positively effect the rest of their lives and have an impact on their family life too. 
I am DBS checked and follow strict Safeguarding rules when working with children and vulnerable adults.

Family and Team Coaching, Mediation & Reconciliation

I have nearly 30 years experience in working with people in relationship, being that in a marriage/partnership, parent-child, siblings or the wider family dynamic. I coach to help families through conflict, stress or stalemate. This coaching extends to the workplace too.  
In both scenarios I use tools and methods that help you to appreciate the strengths of each person and differences in communication styles. The aim is to bring unity and strength to the team/family which ultimately results in healthy communication, high morale and in the case of staff - greater productivity.

Activ8 Course

Run in school classrooms, this course is designed to make children think about self esteem, ambition, attitudes and perceptions and how their words and choices impact others. Through the content, discussions and private feedback, children are facilitated to open up and reveal their fears, anxieties and any stresses at home.  
I work closely with school staff to help flag up individual, family or social concerns that may require further intervention and do follow-on coaching sessions with individual children as required.

Man By Choice Course

A small-group intensive offered to schools where I coach and mentor troubled boys. Demand and experience has taught me that these issues are found mainly among boys, although I have worked with girls in the past too.
All sessions take place on school premises.

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